When planning your new home there are a number of things to consider. This site is dedicated to helping you have a more sustainable home saving you money and helping to
leave a green imprint. We show samples of self contained housing for sustainable living.
"One small step for man, one
giant leap for
   Space travel has given many products that impact us every day from cars to our homes, airplanes to ships.  Hundreds of new products were first discovered in space.

Nearly 80 percent of U.S. residents live in urban environments and such areas are continuing to grow. How and where urban development occurs can affect ecosystem quality and services, habitat protection, water resources, energy consumption, and indoor and outdoor air quality. Noting that buildings account for more than 40 percent of total energy consumption in the U.S., a National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) report sets out a broad agenda for technological research and development to reduce use of natural resources and improve indoor environments while reducing emissions from buildings of greenhouse gases and other harmful pollutants.

EPA programs and resources are helping state and local communities to promote urban sustainability by supporting smart growth projects, green building and infrastructure design, energy efficiency in homes and commercial buildings, and development of sustainability metrics for urban development. A 2007 article describes more fully how EPA is advancing urban sustainability.



Blast off!  Space trips are going on so frequently that they are hard to keep up with. This month a second spacehsip will be made available for the first time in case of emergency..
The first step is for the USA to land on the moon.Then comes the begining of many products  being developed as as a result of scientific experiments.
Once a sustainable earth; have we gone too far to make it unsustainable?
Space suit helps sustain the right environment for this astronaut to be able to survive the elements of space.

Solar panel experiment.  Key items are used to make a home or business   sustainable using the rays of the sun.
Solar panels add a large precentage of electricity needed to heat and cool this building. .